This is a video from one of the Ready for Takeoff fitting experiences. All of the furniture, wall graphics, logos, typography, and colors were designed by our team in partnership from the incredible uniform team at Delta. It is incredibly rewarding to see our work live in the real world, but also functioning with real people and bringing them moments of joy.

Our goal in this design process was to empower employees to feel at home in their uniforms, so to see them laughing and smiling as they strut down the runway we designed is heartwarming.

This is a video Delta produced about the collaboration that we had with them. It shows our research at Delta headquarters, their flight museum, and their technical operations center. This allowed us to understand who Delta is as a company and a family, and the history of their brand.

It culminates in our final presentation to Delta. This large-scale presentation included 10 weeks of work, everything from floor plans and furniture to graphics and branding. It even included prototypes of an app that our team designed, and virtual reality experiences of the fitting event we designed. Posters, scale models, and installations were present in order to immerse Delta in the fitting experience from beginning to end.

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