Jury duty is an American tradition, and so is trying to get out of it. Long hours, confusing arguments, and stubborn jurors make the idea of doing your civic duty a nightmare. 96% of people called to be jurors are dismissed, and this pop-up book details how you can be part of that coveted group.
The cover is laser engraved on wood and bound in leather to give off the courtroom vibes. To contrast the cover's simplicity, the title spread opens up to a jury shouting match and bored jurors, while lady justice watches. 
The book begins as jury duty does, at the court house. The court house then opens to a 50 inch courtroom.
After the proceedings begin, the case files pop out, showing Pop Tone Pete on trial for being a quality, vibrant paper. It also showcases all of the Pop Tone paper swatches that he is known to be affiliated with. 
To give an idea of the wildest ways people have gotten out of jury duty, this file folder shows three successful jury evaders. Michael Wyle, who was excused from jury duty because he was dead; Jacob Clark, who was dismissed because it was only nine years old; and—a personal favorite—Sal Esposito, who couldn't serve because he turned out to be a housecat.
Acting crazy to get out of jury duty is a staple to jury-evading culture. This spread explores some potential performances that could help you escape.
Sometimes all you need to get out of Jury Duty is an outfit that says, "I'm unfit for public service." This interactive spread gives you a paper doll and allows you to pick that outfit. Anything from a suit of armor, to a wedding dress, to a full astronaut suit.
Then it's time for the verdict. Pop Tone Pete is found guilty of being and extraordinarily bright, vibrant, quality paper, but you wouldn't know that, because you were dismissed as soon as you showed up.
The jurors who worked the case finally hang up their masks and leave the courtroom, free at last. Lady justice then returns to say that while justice may be blind, clients are not, and choosing Pop Tone paper might just save the day.

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